Red Clover (Close Up)
In Light of The Phoenix (Close Up)

Unique Mosaics & Other Artwork

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City Art Museum


Ravenna Italy

Each piece of mosaic work are my own plus various other designs from around the world that have been interpreted to create a totally unique piece.

Suggested Mosaic Feature Areas

Bathroom/Shower/Spa Area/Kitchen Space, Signs, Restaurant/Retail Space, Exterior/Interior Mural's, Garden Art-Sundial/ Birdbath/Sculpture,Table's

All ArtWork Subject To Copywright copywrightC.A.Cornish 2007

Yousou N'Dour

The Above Photo Source Is From The Album - 'Joko'

(From Village To Town) - 'Youssou N'Dour'

(Photographer- Johnathon Mannion)





In Light of the Phoenix

In Light of The Phoenix